Hidden Gems of Germany


When it is Germany, it is all about history. No other country like Germany can speak louder about history. From bloody World War II to its various interesting, rich history defined by its unique old-fashioned architectures, castles, cathedrals, palaces, landscapes, unmatched greeneries, bavarian hills, lakes, monuments, local beers, delicious food and lastly, its love for football make Germany as one of the top destination for any travellers. Even battered by two World Wars, Germany is one of the strongest national economies in Europe and one of the biggest in the world. Germany is one of the famous countries for providing free education for primary, secondary and higher education too. No wonder Germany is unique!

Be it Cologne Cathedral or Berlin Wall, Munich Beer Garden or Bonn Street of Cherry Blossoms, Beauty of Bavarian Hills or The Moselle Valley, there is nothing that can match German’s unparalleled beauty. As a traveller, if you want to sit by the Rhine River or just want to walk alone by the side of the Berlin Wall, Germany will never disappoint you.

Here is part of Susmita’s trip to Germany as a two weeks break to find the hidden gems of Germany.

  • Day 1: Cologne

    Arrival in Cologne and check in to hotel. Afternoon and evening, spend the time relaxing and resting.

  • Day 2: Cologne City Exploration

    After breakfast, start your day trip to the city of Cologne. Cologne is an old city spanning the Rhine River in Western Germany. The city is undoubtedly famous for its landmark Cologne Cathedral. In 1996, Cologne Cathedral was declared UNESCO Heritage Site. When you are in Cologne, ensure that you spend the day successfully, as this historical city has a lot to offer. If you love history and are especially interested in German History, Cologne is a good place to start, and a walking tour is the best to know the city. You can start your day by walking across The Bridge Over the Rhine. The beautiful bridge will give you a great sight with colourful love locks across the bridge railings. Tourists and locals like to immortalise their love relationships through love locks. Observing the names of love birds who locked themselves for eternity is very pretty. Start your day from here, and if you are with your partner, don’t forget to lock your love story in The Bridge Over the Rhine.

    From here, you can go for possible sightseeing to Cologne Cathedral – The Grand Gothic Cathedral with Twin Spires, Museum Ludwig – Admire the collections of Picasso Works, Wallraf – Richartz Museum – A fine art gallery from 14th to early 20th century, Great St. Martin Church, Duftmuseum im Farina Haus, Rheinauhafen, Old Market.

    Return to your place by evening after a whole day’s excursion and get a good sleep. Overnight stay at Cologne.

  • Day 3: Cologne River Cruising

    Today, you should enjoy a relaxing day, and it’s worth spending slowly like a calm flowing river. Yes, you got it right. After a delicious breakfast, you should spend the afternoon in Cologne River Cruising. Spend the afternoon and sunset on river cruising and take some amazing photographs for your travel stories. Overnight stay at Köln.

  • Day 4: Cologne to Bonn Day Excursion

    After breakfast, head towards Cologne Railway station. Cologne Central Station, or Köln Hauptbahnhof, is a large, very busy and important transportation hub between local, national and international movements. Germany is well connected with its railway network; hence it is extremely easy travelling places by train. Train communication is comparatively cheap and faster to communicate between places. So buy your train tickets, or if you have a communication pass, just grab a cup of coffee and hop on to the train en route to Bonn.

    Bonn is a small yet very charming city. Bonn is famous for its Cherry Blossom Street. If you can visit during the season, around March to late April, you might experience the divine sight of the blooming pink street of Cherry Blossom in Bonn. Beyond its natural beauty, this charming small-town city has the Beethoven House, Bonn Minster church & Poppelsdorf Palace. Spend the entire day time exploring Bonn and testing local german bakeries. Return to Köln by evening. Overnight stay at Köln.

  • Day 5: Cologne to Koblenz Day Excursion

    After breakfast, again head towards Köln Hauptbahnhof or Cologne Central Station. Hop on to the train towards Koblenz. It will take two hours to reach Koblenz. You can rent a bike, or if you are strong enough to make a walking trip by the side of the Rhine River, both are possible. A walking trip could be a bit lengthy and can be tiring during summertime. If you are uncomfortable, you can probably rent a bike. The last option is to rent a cab for the day if you want a more relaxing and quick trip and want to cover more places. Possible sightseeings in Koblenz are Marksburg – A medieval castle & former prison on the Rhine; Stolzenfels Castle – A romantic castle perched above the Rhine, Burg Lahneck – a Picturesque 13th-century castle, Schloss Koblenz – A majestic palace on manicured grounds, a Basilica of St. Castor – Historic church in the Romanesque style, Deutsches Eck – Deutsches Eck is the place where the Mosel river joins the Rhine. It became known for a monumental equestrian statue of William I, the first German Emperor, erected in 1897 to appreciate his role in the unification of Germany. By evening return to Cologne and spend the night relaxing. Overnight stay at Cologne.

  • Day 6: Cologne to Munich

    After breakfast, it’s time to say goodbye to Cologne and start your journey towards Munich or München. A four- to five-hour train journey from Cologne to Munich will make your day. Cutting across the German Countryside, beautiful farmlands, and local co-passengers in the train is what a traveller should expect in their journey. By afternoon reach Munich and check in to your hotel. Spend the rest of the day at your leisure. Overnight stay at Munich.

  • Day 7: Munich City Exploration

    Munich is the capital city of the German State of Bavaria. The first mention of the city was found in 1158. Munich is a densely populated and very busy city for locals and tourists. Munich is a class apart city. Its uber-Urbanic culture, trendy fashions, high-end shopping centres and the famous beer garden make this city more popular than any other german city.

    After breakfast, spend the day in Munich as your wish. You can go on for sightseeing or can spend your leisure time in the beer garden or hopping to different shopping centres. Overnight stay at Munich.

  • Day 8: Munich to Füssen

    After a delicious breakfast, head towards Munich Railway Station. Buy a ticket and hop on to the scheduled train to Füssen. A two and half hour of train journey will take you through a paradise ride. As you approach Füssen, you will start seeing the Bavarian Hills and mountain ranges. Even at the beginning of Summer, the mountain tops are usually covered with snow. Crossing the lush green farmlands, cattle stations and countryside towered with windmills are nothing less than from a fairytale book. Soon you will reach the small countryside town of Füssen, and the equally small railway station is just what you can imagine from your childhood storybook. By afternoon reach Füssen, check in to the hotel and spend the rest of the day at your leisure. Overnight stay at Füssen.

  • Day 9: Füssen City Exploration

    Füssen is a Bavarian City in German, just touching the border of Northern Austria. Today morning you will start to see this charming small town city. The locals love to sit in outdoor restaurants having their breakfast. The sound of laughing and giggling of people gathering right at the city’s centre in the morning time and having their happy times is a treat to the eyes. After a delicious breakfast, it is highly recommended that you should start the day by strolling around the city centre and walking around the local areas. A slow and relaxing way of spending time in Füssen is the best way to enjoy the vibes. Once you enjoy your morning time, you can rent a bike or take a walking tour, and it would be a great day trip to visit some scenic places in Bavarian Hills. If you rent a bike, your chances of visiting more places are high. Possible sightseeing areas are Forggensee – A picturesque artificial alpine lake, the Museum of Fuessen for Art, artefacts & musical instruments; Füssen Castle – A late-Gothic castle with noted local art, the Benedictine monastery of St. – Museum in a Benedictine monastery, Altstadt Füssen, Alatsee – Scenic mountain lake. If you are more adventurous, you can ride a bike towards the Austrian Border and enjoy more serene countryside between Germany and Austria. Three hours of bike ride will be one of your most memorable. By evening return to the city and have a sumptuous dinner in the local restaurant. Overnight stay at Füssen.

  • Day 10: Füssen - The Fairytale Castle Visit and Exploration

    Today get ready to visit places which are straight from our childhood storybooks. After breakfast, prepare to visit the famous Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle.

    The Hohenschwangau Castle is a nineteenth-century palace and the childhood residence of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

    King Ludwig II of Bavaria commissioned the Neuschwanstein Castle. The Neuschwanstein castle is world famous for its symbolism of romanticism. The castle inspired Dinsneyland’s Sleeping beauty, and The Neuschwanstein Castle has appeared in several movies. This castle is a hot spot for tourists, and no wonder it has all reasons to be famous among travellers and tourists.

    Take a dedicated day tour to visit these two beautiful castles and learn more about the Kings of Germany from the Nineteenth Century. From near the Füssen Railway Station, board the designated bus to reach the German village of Hohenschwangau near the town of Füssen, where these two castles are located. Buy your entry tickets and explore these two castles. See and feel the lives of German Kings & Queens from the Nineteenth Century. Stories of kings and queens will always enchant us with joy, no matter how old we are. Take a horse ride to explore the area of the castle and feel the vibes. There are many great souvenir shops, and you can buy authentic local German-made gifts for yourself or your loved ones. Take your return bus on time and back to the city of Füssen. Spend the evening at your leisure. Overnight stay at Füssen.

  • Day 11: Füssen to Berlin

    This day is going to be a long day. After breakfast, you should start early to catch your train from Füssen. There are very limited trains from Füssen. Hence, it is recommended to start early to reach early in Berlin. There can be a delay in train journeys, but you should still reach Berlin by early evening. Check-in to Hotel. Overnight stay in Berlin.

  • Day 12: Berlin City Exploration

    Yesterday you had a long train journey so you can take this day as a slow sightseeing day in Berlin. You can visit Berlin Wall and The Berlin Wall Memorials.

    Berlin Wall Memorials – “What was once the border strip is now a place of remembrance. The Berlin Wall memorial gives you a moving insight into the division of Berlin.” You must spend dedicated time here to know the history of the Berlin Wall, and it is worth all the effort to come this far to visit Berlin to know and experience the history of the Berlin Wall. There is a large open-air exhibition, and you can also take time to hear the audio materials, see the historical pictures, and visit the observation tower. A 70-metre stretch on the Berlin Wall with a border strip and watchtower directly on Bernauer Straße. The entire installation shows how the border was set up at the end of the 80s and gives visitors the lasting impression of the construction that once divided a country. Other possible sightings in Berlin are: the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin Cathedral, Berliner Fernsehturm, Charlottenburg Palace, Jewish Museum Berlin, and there are many more. Take your time and explore Berlin the way you want to.

    Overnight stay in Berlin.

  • Day 13: Berlin Food Tour

    We recommend taking a food tour on your last day in Germany, especially in Berlin. They say, in Berlin, you must – ‘Eat Like a Berliner’. There are plenty of options in Berlin for Walking Food Tours. Select an option and invade the city with your food lust. Unlocking the city’s culinary culture would be a great travel experience for travellers. It can be a specialised Gourmet Tour, Vegan Tour, or can go for Berlin Craft Beer Tour with Food or simply a street food tour. Berlin has many options to offer to delight you gastronomically, and the choice is yours.

    Spend the evening at your leisure. Overnight stay in Berlin.

  • Day 14: Departure from Berlin

    Today, you should get up with the satisfaction of enjoying Germany well. You must have soaked yourself in German History, Explored iconic Castles, gone far south in Bavarian Hills, and tested authentic German bakeries. On your last day, your food tour must have been a great experience. After breakfast, it’s time to bid farewell to this lovely country. Depart for the next destination or your home country.

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